Traci Allen's Top 10

 Traci's Theme Song:  Glorious, Move
  1. Favorite Book: Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell (The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes…really makes you think)
  2. Best Show: Amazing Race (and still interviewing prospective partners if you are a die-hard competitor)                            
  3. Music Station: BPM at home, in the office (morning, noon, & night)
  4. Favorite Quote: “Better to Risk Than Regret” by Traci Allen (came to me during an extremely challenging time)
  5. Secret Pleasure: Board games. Invite me to play - Monopoly, checkers or several rounds of black jack and I’ll be there
  6. Favorite Color: Purple if you couldn’t tell. Passionate, strong, rich, and classic
  7. Favorite Cuisine: Hard to pick. I love Italian, French, Chinese, American, Indian, the list goes on.
  8. Favorite Place: Rome, Italy. I love the culture, people, wine, food from city to seaside
  9. Inside My Refrigerator: Water, wine, eggs, and bread. I’m always traveling and I tend to dine out a lot. I appreciate a great restaurant
  10. Wine enthusiast and champagne goes with every meal            


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