Social Media Campaigns

A few Tweets does not a social media campaign make. 

In order to effectively employ the most modern of marketing tools, it is necessary to have an effective, informed team behind you. 

At Traci Allen Inc. we will not only develop every nuance of your online presence, from Facebook to Twitter to websites to blogs, we will immerse ourselves in steering your social media’s relevance.

We accomplish this with an inclusive approach: guiding status updates, developing interactive features, and providing stimulating content to enhance your market position. We deliver to your clients a useful, advantageous resource they will return to time and again. 

Social media is not useful to a business in a strictly social aspect—it is not one big cocktail party. At Traci Allen Inc. we believe that social media should enhance new relationships, reinforce older connections, and accelerate the growth of your business. 

Each campaign at Traci Allen Inc. is carefully tracked using web analytics (unique views, page visits, and frequencies). We document the end results for you to ensure your complete satisfaction. 

What value does social media hold? There is no value until follower and fans convert to prospects, and those prospects in turn become customers. We understand the finer aspects of social media marketing and we know how to take you from follower to influencer.

Develop relationships that inspire action. Begin strategizing today. Call 202.216.0660 or have us call you. Deliver value.