Press Release

Developing creative for the changing media landscape 

Ever wished you could get more press for your event or business? 

A picture may be worth a 1000 words, but a Press Release can either make or break your entrance in the media. 

An effective press release is a combination of powerful copy surrounding a pertinent message and having the instinct and connections in place to deliver it unto the proper media outlet, at the right time. 

This is achieved with not only a strong creative team, but by having built undeniable relationships with members of the media. These relationships take time to cultivate, as does becoming familiar with the news cycles of various outlets, and understanding their readership, focus and content needs as well. 

Our involvement does not end when we hit “send”. Ever important is the ability to monitor the effectiveness of our efforts, and we do so with a global perspective. Monitoring the web, story impressions, pick-ups is only one component. We use these analytics to measure the breath of the news coverage, and supply clients with a comprehensive evaluation demonstrating the value of your investment. Allow us to take your message, boil it down to its key points, and handle distribution across our network, and yours. 

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