Press Pitching

Understanding the press puzzle 

Ever noticed the difference between an online medical blog and The Doctor Oz Show? 

Pitching a Huffington Post blogger is not the same as pitching The New York Times. A beat reporter at The Washington Post is searching for material vastly different from a producer at The Doctor Oz Show. Satellite radio and syndicated are two different animals. And The Today Show has startlingly different requirements from Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

A magazine reporter, a newspaper reporter, the 6 pm news anchor. Same stories – differing angles. Each has its own processes, language, and objectives. Walk in blind and you won’t get very far. 

Understanding these differences, and catering to the nuances of gatekeepers everywhere is all a part of the PR puzzle. And make no mistake, it’s a vast, ever-evolving puzzle – and our job is to see where your piece best fits in.

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