George Washington University Hospital - We Bring the Doctor To You

The doctor's on call but the phone isn't ringing!  Now what? A convenient service offered to the public by a division of George Washington University Hospital's Medical Faculty Associates- OnSite Medical Access provided exclusive access to world-renowned physicians, in the comfort of your home, hotel or office.

The house call of yesterday was revamped for today’s modern lifestyle – with emergency room physicians from the prestigious George Washington University Hospital, one of the nation’s most technologically advanced institutions – providing the ultimate in round the clock care for the ill.

Despite the benefits (convenience, affordability, 24/7 accommodations, reputation) the George Washington University Hospital service was the least utilized among similar services in the DC area. The phone simply wasn’t ringing enough.

Our strategy began with an initial layer of in-depth research of the target audience to understand how their purchasing decisions were made.

These discussions led to the understanding that the brand identity and messaging tactics were skewed. Though a website existed, it did not effectively convey their services and amenities to the client. There was overall a distinct lack of collateral.

The only printed material the service offered was a stock business card with the name “OnSite Medical Access” and a telephone number— a missed opportunity for providing additional details about the service and its benefits.

Working in conjunction with the previously established tagline, “We Bring the Doctor to You,” our initial focus was on designing and manufacturing collateral that fully reflected the message. A complete style guide and content edit was in order, including such vital components as logo, graphics and color scheme. Additionally, all copy was reworked to simplify their written message.

A fresh new logo was designed, playing off the existing George Washington University Hospital standards, but a fully independent logo specifically for OnSite Medical Access was necessary. Along with this new design came an updated color palette, red was used to bolster the urgency of their message.

New graphics revolved around the actual emergency room doctors George Washington University Hospital employs, to reiterate the personable nature of this business, along with the kind, caring attitude of its physicians. A photo shoot with the Doctors provided such an opportunity. Photographs were shot in and around Washington, DC that illustrated the depth of their services, but were also easily identifiable to potential clients. These photographs became the graphics of choice for the entire line of collateral as well as the website.

New materials in hand, the focus then became spreading the message and mission of OnSite Medical Access to the target client base. Distributable items were allocated for every DC area hotel, security department, operations managers, concierge desks and condominiums to ensure the service was fully integrated into the minds of these institutions.

An educational seminar was also held, open to all hotel management teams, as well as the Washington Convention Center management in charge of emergency situations and crisis management. The seminar included a debriefing on OnSite’s services and pricing structure, as well as complimentary flu shots.
We worked with OnSite to secure their participation in the Washington Area Concierge Association Tradeshow. Our team handled the overall design and day-of logistics, leaving the OnSite staff free to speak with more than 300 area concierges about their program.

Immediately upon completion of this multi-tiered campaign, inbound calls to the OnSite service center increased 120%. This swift uptick in the top line coincided with an increased closing rate, effectively increasing OnSite’s bottom line.