"I worked with Traci Allen Inc. to plan a program for our senior leadership of General Managers, Human Resource Directors and Regional Dir- ectors across Toronto. Our entire program was executed flawlessly."

– Joshua Karam, Director of Human Resources,  Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto

New Executive Forum

Skill Development 2.0.

Providing opportunities for the personal and professional development for the leaders of your company is paramount to the advancement of your entire organization. Go beyond the executive retreat of years past and challenge your leadership team to an intense educational opportunity – The New Executive Forum. 

Enhance interpersonal development with in depth verbal and non-verbal communication strategies to inspire and maximize the potential of those around you. Engage in total leadership exercises geared towards executive and financial growth for your company – as well as positive momentum for the people you lead. 

Withdraw from the corner office and reignite the spark you need to inspire and direct your team upon your return. Build collaborate relationships, forge improved leadership skills and renew commitments to your company. 

The team at Traci Allen Inc. is equipped to assist in the plan, secure arrangements, and develop an itinerary of dyadic exercises, informative workshops and exciting team building opportunities, crafted to maximize your time and accomplish your educational and entertainment goals.

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