Message Management

What do YOU want to say? 

Following the initial branding phase, your approach and position within the marketplace will be established. Using our comprehensive approach, our team will strategically analyze every aspect of your business model, your audience and your message to determine the most efficient and effective modes for distribution. A solid message management policy will consist of several components and thoroughly compliment the pre-determined direction of your entire brand. The 5 W’s of Message Management are the most critical aspects:

WHO - should receive your message? What does your ideal audience look like? How do they like to consume their advertising, their media and their technology? Are they plugged in – or not so much? What is their price point like?

WHAT - exactly is your message? How is it phrased? What type of artistic interpretation do you have? Is it best disseminated in an electronic, visual, written format – or all of the above?

WHERE - does your message go? This is dictated by the clients’ wants and needs – they may hungrily consume blog posts - but not even glance twice at your billboard. To know the client is to serve the client. We make it our mission to immerse ourselves in your brand, to deliver the experience it has promised.

WHY -to achieve maximum results. We will track our efforts and quantify the results to determine what is working and what’s not.

WHEN - is now. Make the investment in your future – and that of the company you have worked so hard to establish.

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