Media Training

Become a media savvy version of YOU 

Ever get nervous in front of a crowd? 

Handling the media can negatively affect even the most self-assured among us. An interview of any sort (in person, on camera, telephone) requires that the interviewee be relaxed, confident and ready to answer any question headed their way. Prepare for surprises with a carefully crafted public persona and an effective, efficient brand appropriate message.

 Interview coaching is a must for those in the spotlight. Preparation and practice separate the experienced from the inexperienced. 

We can tell you how to maximize your appearance and amp up your presence for TV, radio or print interviews. Role-play, mock questioning and audience engagement techniques are utilized to prepare you for anything, even if you are a media novice. Perfecting your voice, tone and word choice is vital. Learn the techniques you need to wrangle amazing sound bites and systematically dispense your message, regardless of the goals of your interviewer. 

Train individually with our renowned media-training experts or participate in an interactive group setting to concentrate on verbal and non-verbal communication skill development and master your media message. Proper preparation and training ensures an organically flowing, controlled interview. 

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