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Our affiliates are sought after media aficionados— both in house and out. Online and print. Radio and television. Newspapers and magazines. The coverage is as diverse and distinctive as Traci Allen Inc. and its contemporaries, and encompasses internationally recognized and regarded media outlets.

6 Things That Can Destroy Your Bar in Nightclub and Bar.          


Nightclub & Bar interviews Traci Allen as they take a look at the top six reasons—beyond being financially ill prepared—that cause establishments to fail.

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10 Things Winemakers Won't Tell You in Wall Street Journal's Market Watch        


Andrew Stover, Sommelier and founder of Vino 50 Selections shares secrets winemakers don't want you to know about.

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Ticket to Dine. Traci Allen shares thoughts in Restaurant Business on a policy that is becoming a trend.
  High-end operators are having guests prepay for meals, and experts say it’s just the beginning.


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Traci Allen on how to "Be a Video Star!" in Essence Magazine.           


Whether you're prepping for a job interview, meeting with your boss, or pitching a new client, Traci Allen Inc. CEO, Traci Allen gives tips to Essence Magazine's Work & Wealth readers and reveals how to get ready for your video conference close-up.

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