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You are looking for measurable results for your marketing dollars; you want to see a quick, highly visible return on your investment. To develop a functional, profitable marketing plan for your business will involve several key components. Traci Allen Inc. will research and analyze your competitors, devising a strong strategy for you to gain a marked advantage.  Traci Allen Inc. will work with your mission statement and corporate goals to develop a global marketing plan. This includes determining the most time efficient, cost effective, and client-centric method of distribution. A thorough target analysis also includes identifying key economic, cultural, and environmental markers that are potential roadblocks to your success. 

Your custom designed strategic marketing plan will encompass a variety of distribution mediums and methods – mobile marketing, social media, direct and online advertising, radio, television, promotional events, print and online media – yet retain a streamlined and focused approach.  A Traci Allen Inc. action plan is all-inclusive and unique to each of our clients. Your action plan will work within the budget you have established, including clear-cut timetables, with deliverables visibly defined. It is through this method that your brand, your business, your mark will be indelibly made in the minds of your clients.

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