Laura Williams Top 10

Laura's theme song - Niki Minaj, Moment for Life
  1. Good wine
  2. Good wine (in case you missed it the first time)
  3. Mediterranean food -- garlic, cheese, olive oil, and tomatoes are the staples of my diet
  4. Unfortunately, nice shoes. Life is too short to wear cheap ones
  5. Flea markets, thrift stores, vintage shops -- always looking for inspiration for the purse line I will be launching before I turn 85
  6. Music -- I am not a purist or a snob. I love it all: dance music, jazz, hip hop, indie rock, electronica, world music, and I must admit, some country love ballads
  7. Travel, even though being a mother now, I cannot jump on a plane with an hour's notice like I used to
  8. Being with my mom and my son. The simple pleasures are always the best ones
  9. Laughing with my friends
  10. Being somewhere serene -- my comfy bed, a long walk on the beach, gardening at my mother's house

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