John Tejeda's Top 10

John's Theme Song: Michael Jackson- Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough

  1. Good Food
  2. Time with friends and loved ones - Life is short and the memories you make are the jewels of your life's treasure chest.
  3. Traveling and exploring new lands - The world is a great place, and different countries always bring such interesting new adventures.
  4. Dancing - I'm not great, but I do enjoy music and dance, specifically Latin social dancing.
  5. Snowboarding - Something I picked up in Japan and now look forward to doing every year (when I can).
  6. Hot spring - If you've never been to a Japanese onsen, you have not lived.
  7. Movies - I could watch some movies a dozen times and still enjoy them.
  8. Laughing
  9. Sleeping in on a lazy Sunday
  10. Enjoying some family/home cooked meals.

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