SAX Restaurant, Washington, DC

Crafting the good life. 

From restaraunts to nightclubs, hotels to resorts – we are the go to firm for all hospitality brands. 

We take hospitality to a whole new level with our team’s expertise. Our founder, Allen, has over twenty years of hospitality experience conducted at all different levels and postions. Allen is committed to ensuring that every member of our team at Traci Allen Inc. benfits from her unique, insider perspective

Across all levels of the hospitality and tourism industry – the team at Traci Allen Inc. is thoroughly educated and ready to use their in depth knowledge to assist clients in creating the good life for each and every guest that walks in the doors.

Optimize sales for your venue by maximizing guest service. One of our experts will work with you. Call 202.216.0660 or have us call you. Create loyalty.