Crisis Communications

Handling the negativity…positively 

What happens when the press turns not nice? 

Negative publicity, workplace disputes, or legal turmoil all require the specific skills, knowledge and abilities of an experienced crisis communication professional. Small businesses, high profile celebrities or politicians, corporate conglomerations– no one is immune from a potential hit. 

The evening news is full of such stories…damaging backlash that often accompanies such sensitive issues as sexual harassment or liability claims, pending litigations or political issues. We can help contain information, particularly avoiding the leakage of highly classified Intel, with proven crisis prevention strategies. Handling relentless press inquiries, digitally managing the online rumor mill, mitigating potential financial consequences are all part of our scope of work in crisis management. 

From crafting your official statement to serving as spokesperson, the Traci Allen Inc. team is dedicated to salvaging reputations and reducing collateral damage. This is accomplished with deftness and dexterity that will ease whatever situation you may be facing. 

Should the need arise you’ll discover our capable abilities in this arena. We are experts in negotiation, connoisseurs of corporate communications strategy, specialists in sensitivity training, and ready to act at all times. 

In the event of a crisis— it pays to have Traci Allen Inc. on your side.

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