Christopher Piat


Christopher Piat
was born and raised in Mauritius, an Island Nation off the east coast of Africa. Although he loved his idyllic surroundings, Chris decided to fulfill his hearts’ desire – and conquer the world.

He arrived in the United States to pursue upper studies at American University in Washington DC. Upon graduating with a BS in Business Administration with concentration in International Business and Spanish, he set his sights upon graduate school. The following year, Chris received a Master of Science in Accounting from American University's Kogod School of Business and began his career as an accountant at Beers + Cutler, PLLC.

Though an honorable profession – accounting lacked the creative and social outlets he craved. Finishing his MBA with a concentration in Marketing, Chris found his calling.  He joined Traci Allen Inc. in April of 2010. He is goal oriented, hardworking, fun and has a certain je ne sais quoi - to say the least.

In his official capacity he oversees all areas of client marketing and branding and is hands on in event production and management. His fluency in multiple languages – English, French, and Spanish- makes him an invaluable asset to our international clients. Unofficially, he provides comic relief, fashion advice and an uncanny ability to catch the staff up on Glee in five minutes or less.

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